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Leading Workforce Engagement Company Uses its Imag!Ne Process to Help Companies Do More

Madison Performance Group Bundles Its Proven Success into a Customized Solution

New York, NY. August 11, 2011 — In today’s challenging business environment, corporate sponsors of workforce engagement and sales incentive programs must do more with less. Yet all too often, the net outcome becomes strategies that actually do less because they are delivered on technical platforms that are fundamentally restricted in their ability to do more. HR and sales operations leaders often rely on off-the-shelf administrative products, and feel the need to make compromises and concessions to accommodate the limited flexibility in those solutions. That however, is changing with Madison Performance Group’s new Imag!ne design-and-build process.

New York–based Madison Performance Group, is the worldwide leader in developing employee engagement and incentive marketing programs for Fortune 1000 corporations that include CA, Citigroup, Kawasaki and Siemens. The company implements customized strategies to motivate workers, applying proprietary sales and marketing techniques to maximize employees’ success.

“To survive the ongoing challenges for funding and to realize returns above other possible corporate investments, employee recognition and sales incentive programs must do more,” says Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Madison Performance Group. “That means going beyond average employee engagement and incremental sales revenue goals. Senior-level executives must support the overarching strategy of the organization as it pursues enhanced operational efficiency, deeper customer equity and true brand alignment.”

These outcomes are driven largely by the actions and attitudes of people—employees and sales channel resources. Imag!ne helps companies that are focused on nurturing, motivating and rewarding workers accomplish more with their recognition and incentive investments.

The Imag!ne process blends the time-tested elements Madison Performance Group’s sales incentive and employee recognition design processes have relied on for decades and blends them into a relevant and rigorous discovery process that helps clients identify untapped opportunities and structural hurdles that may be preventing them from accomplishing their goals. On a practical level, that means Madison Performance Group fully documents and then custom-builds an incentive and recognition program that accommodates an organization’s unique business structure, hierarchy and administrative processes. That gives Madison Performance Group the framework and flexibility to build to the client’s parameters and apply recognition resources in a more effective and meaningful manner.

Programs built using the Imag!ne process can also accommodate a wide range of recognition activities that help focus employees on behaviors and outcomes that drive incremental growth. For example, Madison Performance Group can help companies use observational-based recognition to focus employees on specific behaviors that strengthen both internal and external customer relationships.

Not only does Madison Performance Group fully automate the mechanics of recognition and sales incentive programs, eligibility, objective setting, approval processes and award issuance— it does so in a seamless manner, so managers and employees can participate inside their normal workflows.

“Imag!ne is a seamless process that is built to anticipate and manage expectation scenarios, such as when an employee has been reassigned or if a manager is on leave. Our system offers more convenience for users and more control, cost efficiencies and diagnostic insight for program sponsors,” says Ryan.

“The key to success in today’s economy is the ability to do more with less; the capability to build a competitive advantage efficiently,” Ryan concludes. “Our collaborative, client-centric approach and disciplined execution give organizations the custom-crafted solutions they need to not only succeed, but thrive.”

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About Madison

As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison delivers intuitive and multi-faceted Recognition, Incentive and Service Anniversaryprograms powered by Maestro, their uniquely configurable cloud-based SaaS technology. Recognition Group Travel, Concierge Travel Arrangements and Corporate Meetings are an integral part of these capabilities. Designed to solve an organization’s unique business issues, Madison’s approach encompasses the totality of a company’s performance drivers and focuses on the individuals responsible for ultimate success–employees, sales and channel partners.

Madison’s performance and sales boosting methods coupled with powerful analytics and innovative solutions give management the power to purposefully engage an audience; measurably identify leadership traits; effectively motivate tangible potential; and sharply incent individuals. Leveraging scientific principles to guide desirable change of human behavior and elevate performance, Madison has been helping clients do more by encouraging their audiences to achieve more for 40 years.

For more information: Madison Email: Phone: 866.535.2543 Fax: 212.308.0646


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