The most configurable, cloud-based SaaS solution

Designed to engage and align your workforce

Maestro’s uniquely configurable cloud-based platform is designed to guide and reinforce behaviors that drive results; mobilize employees; strategically align individuals with company values and objectives; and solve an organization’s ever-changing business issues.

Strengthen your recognition and sales incentive programs by giving your employees and sales and channel partners the one engagement solution they need to facilitate ultimate success. Empower your managers by providing them with essential tools to identify and develop talent at all levels. Through our unique Strategic Program Design process, effective Communications, comprehensive Training and a robust Reporting and Analytics suite, Maestro makes all of this possible, and more.



With Maesto's robust configurability, you can create, design, initiate and track all of your recognition and sales incentive programs in one branded platform, using only the features you need. Maestro's advanced configuration tool has eliminated the need for custom programming technology, which means:

  • Reduced deployment costs
  • Reduced time-to-deploy
  • An experience significantly different from anything offered before


Maestro gives you the flexibility to create programs that are in alignment with your specific recognition strategies, and the power to define the desired recognition types and behaviors. Maestro’s flexibility allows you to:

  • Use integrated single-sign on security
  • Create as many different types of recognitions as desired
  • Create multiple sets of recognition criteria
  • Manage large groups of users


Maestro leverages the power of social innovation to reinforce the values important to your organization and produce desired outcomes. The system's Activity Streams and Leaderboard allow users to see how they compare alongside others in the organization, which helps businesses create a culture of recognition where individuals feel more connected to the company and their coworkers through Manager Discretionary, Peer-to-Peer, Service Anniversary & Milestones and Sales Incentive Programs.


Maestro’s mobile platform allows you to receive, review and redeem your awards whether at your desk or on the move. The system features a responsive web design, providing 24/7 access to all of the system’s features from your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.


Core Benefits

Maestro was built with a series of core benefits at its foundation including:

  • Quick Recognize bar for eficient recognition
  • Use of unlimited programs within one solution
  • Recognition of individuals, teams and groups
  • Performance-based reward structure
  • An analytics and reporting suite
  • Linking business strategy, vision and goals