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Are You Mobile Ready?

July 8, 2015 | By Mike Ryan

Are you mobile ready? Mobile solutions are the norm for businesses today. In an effort to connect workers from anywhere, at any time, over 80% of all business solutions now work with smartphones, tablets and other web-enabled devices.

The rapid change to a mobile society comes with a host of new issues, challenges and, of course, opportunities for talent-dependent businesses. How will you know if you, the system you select, and the vendor you plan to partner with, are truly mobile ready?

In this month’s Performance Perspective, Mike Ryan addresses these essential questions:

  • Will your mobile experience be the same across all platforms?

  • Will your security concerns be covered?

  • Will the move to mobile change data collection and insight?

  • Do you have a transition plan?

  • Does your vendor really "get" mobile?


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