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Wellness By Madison: A Holistic Alternative

July 29, 2014 | By Mike Ryan

Employer-sponsored wellness programs are on the rise. When instituted properly they can help contain the upsurge in healthcare premiums. Depending on your company’s size those savings can amount to millions of dollars per year. Beyond the obvious cost savings, wellness offerings also reaffirm your company’s commitment to the health and well-being of everyone who works there, a strategy that’s sure to help attract and retain top talent in a competitive labor market.

Given everything that’s on the line here, employers must rethink the way they go about designing and delivering their programs. Fortunately for them, Madison offers an alternative. If you are planning a wellness program, or are looking to get better results from your wellness initiatives, we think you will find this month’s Performance Perspective valuable.

In this month’s Performance Perspective, Mike Ryan explores:

  • Why you should choose Madison for wellness

  • The connection between employee engagement and wellness

  • How wellness is delivered

  • Why behaviors that are reinforced are the behaviors that are retainedWellness By Madison: A Holistic Alternative


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