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The New Benefits of Employee Engagement

April 28, 2014 | By Mike Ryan

Presented by: Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

The importance of employee engagement cannot be overstated; it is vital to any organization’s success. So how do you engage your employees?

Reward and recognition programs can be highly effective tools in driving employee engagement. When designed and implemented properly, employee recognition programs can elevate engagement levels. Employees will become more productive, motivated, customer-focused and loyal.

This webinar will outline what the new benefits of engaged employees are, and explain how a smarter recognition approach can drive the types of behaviors and outcomes that are more recognizable and relevant to executives.

In the webinar, Madison’s Mike Ryan will also:

  • Explore the talent management challenges of today’s businesses and explain how smart reward programs are connecting issues like leadership development, collaboration and change management to their engagement strategies

  • Lay out the right approach to making your rewards program do more to meet the new engagement standard

  • Examine the role behavioral economics can play in shaping everything from communications to goals setting to rewards selection


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