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HR Pros Can Learn a Lot From Marketing, Says New Executive Briefing from Madison Performance Group

New York, NY. January 4, 2011 — When it comes to building a more engaged workforce through well-managed employee recognition programs, some executives have suggested that the marketing department may be better qualified than HR. But is that really the case? That’s the issue being addressed in a new Performance Perspectives executive briefing, “HR or Marketing: Who Is Better Equipped to Manage Employee Engagement?” published today by Madison Performance Group.

“The C-suite wants HR to do more than communicate processes and procedures. Top executives want HR to own the internal employee customer,” says Mike Ryan, senior vice president of Madison Performance Group, a premier global reward and recognition design and consulting firm.

“Marketing has evolved particularly fast in using digital media to deliver messages that are more efficient and impactful. Precision marketing practices – that build personalized relationships with the brand – have helped marketing gain new respect and status within the organization for its ability to attract, retain and leverage profitable customers. Some business leaders wonder if marketing shouldn’t also be charged with building the corporate connection with employees,” he continued.

While companies haven’t yet moved the employee recognition program over to marketing, the fact that the question is being asked suggests that HR should consider adopting some of marketing’s practices as they work to create meaningful relationships with employees. The new version of Madison Performance Group’s Performance Perspectives explores that discussion and includes a valuable four-step segmentation strategy for motivating and recognizing employees.

Media Contact: Gina Jessica Smith Marketing Director 212.419.1388

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