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Addressing Tomorrow’s Leadership Shortage Today With Employee Recognition

October 23, 2013 | By Mike Ryan

Even though unemployment remains stubbornly high, businesses still struggle to attract and retain top talent—the people who possess the kind of skills and leadership potential companies will need to grow over time. In fact, a shrinking leadership pipeline (defined as a global shortage of workers with both the abilities and attitudes of a future leader) is already putting the squeeze on the long-term goals of many enterprises.

So what forces are contributing to the looming leadership shortage? What steps can HR take right now to ensure that their companies will come out ahead in the race to secure the type of home grown, longterm leadership that will be the discernible competitive advantage moving forward?

This white paper will examine:

  • How generational demographics and value gaps contribute to the leadership shortage

  • The role employee and organizational alignment plays in nurturing leadership

  • How existing leaders influence potential ones

  • How the right employee engagement system can help HR nurture future leaders


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