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Madison Offers Human Capital Institute Webinar on Modern Business Case for Workforce Recognition

Today’s Recognition Programs Must Encourage Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation Among Knowledge Workers and Increasingly Virtual Workforces

New York, NY. July 18, 2012 — As executives look to optimize the contributions of their growing knowledge-based workforces, Madison Performance Group, a global web-based workforce recognition and employee incentives solution provider, is offering an upcoming webinar in partnership with the Human Capital Institute (HCI), on Thurs., July 26 at 3 p.m. EST, addressing the modern employee recognition program.

Titled “Knowledge Workers and How a Properly Structured Rewards and Recognition Program Maximizes Their Potential,” the HCI and Madison webinar will address how recognition can be used to counter the physical and emotional barriers common in virtual environments and encourage knowledge workers to use their skills and creativity effectively in a team-based or solo workgroup.

“The knowledge worker of 2012 is a lot different than when the term was first coined. Today’s recognition programs must address this new worker to help keep them engaged, increase collaboration and innovation and increase the visibility of the creative solutions they develop,” said Mike Ryan, Madison Performance Group’s senior vice president of marketing and client strategy. “The rise of the virtual workforce – whether working from home, at a client site or from another remote location – and its practical physical and emotional barriers provides additional HR and corporate culture challenges that a robust recognition program can address.”

The Webinar will focus on: 1. The definition of today’s knowledge worker and the shifting organizational work structures. 2. The psychological characteristics of virtual workers and how recognition motivates their desire to learn and bond. 3. How the new business case for recognition can improve cooperative corporate cultures. 4. Encouraging improved collaboration and innovation across the enterprise. Register for the free Webinar at

Media Contact: Gina Jessica Smith Marketing Director 212.419.1388

About Madison

As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison provides enterprise-class organizations with employee recognition, incentives and service anniversary programs designed for the needs of today’s ever-changing workforce. Madison’s recognition strategy focuses on making managers mentors, reinforcing a sense of belonging, celebrating personal and professional milestones and emphasizing inclusion and diversity.

For more information: Madison Email: Phone: 866.535.2543 Fax: 212.308.0646


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