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Madison Performance Group to sponsor Season Three of HRO Today’s White Swan Podcast Edu-series

New season collab with HRO Today, focuses on the “Road to Recovery”

following the COVID-19 crisis.

September 15, 2020 (New York, New York) – Madison, a global leader in employee Social Recognition, is set to sponsor and co-host the third season of the HRO Today podcast edu-series titled, White Swan: The Road to Recovery. The White Swan series, featuring Judd Weisgal, Senior Vice President of Madison, and hosted by Elliot Clark, CEO of HRO Today, consists of 9 podcasts, with each topic corresponding to each letter of the word “WHITESWAN”. Each podcast discussion examines the role of HR leaders as the driving, positive force in supporting their organizations through employee reward and recognition programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Season One was released at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent workforce shutdowns during the spring of 2020, and addressed the immediate need to support workers from the employer perspective. Season Two followed in June, 2020 touting the “voice of the employee” and featured a workforce viewpoint on their expectations and concerns as they navigated the crisis.

Season Three will build upon the discussion, moving forward from the imminent action-oriented topics to a thoughtful look at how we retool and adapt as we emerge into the new workforce normal. Judd Weisgal, Senior Vice President, Madison, shares:

“During the height of the pandemic, we were able to glean data and intel from nearly 5 million unique users on our platform to understand how their teams were feeling. Having this information was immeasurable in helping us guide our customers in delivering appropriate employee rewards and recognition programs to their teams in that moment, amidst organizational shifts, compressed budgets and an overall sense of anxiety that most working individuals felt.

Weisgal continues, “Now, nearly seven months past the initial onset, we are still not out of the woods. And that’s precisely why we need to continue the discussion in terms of recovery, contingency planning for the future and how the pandemic may have re-shaped certain incentive programs for the long-term.”

The first podcast of season three is scheduled to be live on October 1, 2020 starting with the letter “W” topic:

What drives engagement? Surveys suggest engagement is down. How can we reverse that change?

To view the entire White Swan series, click here. All podcasts are accessible using your preferred Podcast player. To access the recordings, visit our channel.

About Madison

As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison provides enterprise-class organizations with employee recognition, incentives and service anniversary programs designed for the needs of today’s ever-changing workforce. Madison’s recognition strategy focuses on making managers mentors, reinforcing a sense of belonging, celebrating personal and professional milestones and emphasizing inclusion and diversity.

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