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Case Studies

Solving unique business needs of a wide range of industries


A Manufacturer of Luxury Automobiles

A venerable manufacturer of luxury automobiles found itself in the midst of a change in the competitive market.


A Leading Biotech Company

This leading Biotech Company had directed substantial funding and effort behind numerous non-cash incentive programs.


A major pharmaceutical company was faced with competitive pressure in several

different areas.

A Major Pharmaceutical Company


A Manufacturer of Performance Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles

This leading motorcycle manufacturer continues to make significant, ongoing investments in both sales incentive and promotional programs.


A Worldwide Professional Services Company

A worldwide professional services company understood that the unique demands of its business model could strain an employee’s sense of connection to the group.


A Manufacturer of Office Equipment

A premier office equipment manufacturer of copiers, printers, fax machines and solutions is reliant on independent distributors for the bulk of its revenue.


A Worldwide Specialty Manufacturing Conglomerate

This United States arm of a
worldwide specialty manufacturing conglomerate employed over 60,000 employees across 12 independent divisions.

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