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Gaining a Competitive Edge With Recognition Data: Practical Dos and Don’ts

August 15, 2013 | By Mike Ryan

Many HR leaders in the pursuit of cost efficiency, reliability and flexibility with their Employee Recognition programs have already implemented a comprehensive reward and recognition portal. These configurable platforms provide multiple cost control and behavioral change benefits. In today’s hyper-competitive business arena—where every dollar needs to advance the company’s collective agenda and business investments are often tied to shared strategic outcome; a portal’s greatest value may lie in the data that passes through it. How employees work and the data they generate while doing so, has the potential to drive better business decisions and improve the overall effectiveness of multiple recognition initiatives. This Performance Perspective will examine how the collection and use of data has evolved and explain how today’s employee recognition planners are using those new capabilities to find a competitive edge for their businesses as well as expanding their role at the planning table.


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