Strategic Program Design

Strategic Program Design

Our consultative approach

Madison’s multi-phased approach to program design is the key to your success

Our result driven, multi-phased approach is a product of 40 years of experience designing and deploying world-class Employee Recognition, Sales Incentives, and Service Anniversary Programs. That’s why leading organizations choose Madison – to leverage and profit from that expertise.



Our Recognition Consultants initiate a collaborative discovery process, where we learn about the nuances of your audience and identify business issues and opportunities affecting your business development agenda. During this phase, we isolate engagement and performance gaps and identify talent potential.


We benchmark your data against high performance organizations and help you determine the optimal performance pathway for your recognition and incentive programs.


Applying Scientific Principles to Your Strategies

We apply scientifically proven principles to our recognition and incentive strategies to ensure the desired outcomes of your programs. By leveraging the theory of behavioral economics, we consider principles such as the emotional versus the rational response of individuals when designing your programs.

Thought Leadership

Our four decades of experience have positioned Madison’s Thought Leadership not just ahead of the curve, but defining the trajectory of best practices in the industry. This gives you the competitive edge you need in today’s ever changing business environment.


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