Diverse workforce,
diverse rewards.

We’ve Got You Covered, Wherever You Are

Localized selection of relevant and meaningful rewards. In-country fulfillment. Reduced shipping costs. No delays. All of this is possible with Madison’s worldwide-in country partner network. 

 Based on the ever evolving cultural and generational preferences of your employees, sales and channel partners located worldwide, sourcing rewards for our storefront is a continuous process. Our highly-configurable SaaS solution, paired with our seasoned fulfillment experts, enables Madison to continuously expand its rewards offerings.  For every catalog offered, our storefront automatically provides the following:


Access to millions of reward options in 160 countries


Earnings can be combined and redeemed for single, or multiple rewards.


Reward values are presented using a country-specific Purchase Point Parity Index (PPPI)


Rewards are priced in each catalog inclusive of shipping and handling


24/7 support team to ensure a positive recognition experience

 More Than Just a Reward, It’s An Experience

Refreshed daily providing access to millions of items through our vast selection of physical and virtual gift cards, merchandise, experiential rewards and charities, you can rest assured knowing that each of your employees will find a reward that is both relevant and meaningful to them. 


Madison creates cultures where employees love to work, learn, connect & succeed. 


As a global leader in Social Employee Recognition, Madison delivers intuitive and multi-faceted Recognition, Incentive, and Service Anniversary programs powered by Maestro, our uniquely configurable cloud-based SaaS technology.

With Maestro, our clients use social employee recognition to strengthen the bond between managers and their teams; and the relationship between employees and their companies.


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