Maestro Named Product of the Year in 2015 Big Awards for Business

Madison wins BIG with the most configurable social recognition technology solution

New York, NY. October 13, 2015 — Madison Performance Group, a global leader in social recognition technology, announced today that its cloud-based SaaS solution, Maestro, won Product of the Year in its category in the 2015 BIG Awards for Business program. Using a proprietary judging process scored by well-known and experienced leaders and executives from around the globe, the BIG Awards specialize in recognizing top-performing companies and organizations.

“Ambition, focus and execution are all characteristics of this year’s winners,” said Russ Fordyce, Managing Director of the Business Intelligence Group. “Our judges were inspired by the people behind the great performances and those who led these organizations to excel. We are so incredibly proud to reward each and every winner and finalist.”

The most configurable SaaS social recognition technology available today, Maestro is designed to guide and reinforce behaviors that drive results; mobilize employees; strategically align individuals with company values and objectives; and solve an organization’s ever-changing business issues. Through a unique Strategic Program Design process, effective Communications, comprehensive Training and robust Business Analytics, Maestro delivers a complete solution for an organization’s Rewards & Recognition, Sales Incentives and Service Anniversary programs.

"We are honored that Maestro was named Product of the Year. This award illustrates how essential social recognition is to the success of businesses around the world today,” said Alex Alaminos, Managing Director at Madison. “Organizations that understand how social recognition technology can transform their workforces and solve their unique business issues will have that competitive edge, longevity and growth.”

The BIG Product of the Year award is the latest in a series of honors bestowed upon Madison this year. Madison was named the #1 Recognition Provider in HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen awards. The organization was also named a Stratus Award Finalist for Cloud Computing, another awards competition sponsored by The Business Intelligence Group that recognizes companies providing innovative and market-leading solutions that are driving global adoption of cloud-based services. The South African Government honored Madison’s Travel Group with a distinguished Ubuntu Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Incentive Programs.”

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About Madison

As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison delivers intuitive and multi-faceted Recognition, Incentive and Service Anniversary programs powered by Maestro, their uniquely configurable cloud-based SaaS technology. Recognition Group Travel, Concierge Travel Arrangements and Corporate Meetings are an integral part of these capabilities. Designed to solve an organization’s unique business issues, Madison’s approach encompasses the totality of a company’s performance drivers and focuses on the individuals responsible for ultimate success–employees, sales and channel partners.

Madison’s performance and sales boosting methods coupled with powerful analytics and innovative solutions give management the power to purposefully engage an audience; measurably identify leadership traits; effectively motivate tangible potential; and sharply incent individuals. Leveraging scientific principles to guide desirable change of human behavior and elevate performance, Madison has been helping clients do more by encouraging their audiences to achieve more for 40 years.

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