Madison’s Travel Group Wins Award from South African Government for Outstanding Achievement in Incentive Programs

New York, NY. April 13, 2015 — The South African Government honored Madison’s Travel Group with a distinguished Ubuntu Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Incentive Programs”.

To quote, the Hon. Derek Hanekom, South Africa’s Minister of Tourism: “In late November 2014, Madison, along with their South African DMC partner, Dragonfly Africa, managed the largest ever movement of international incentive delegates in South Africa. This operation was on behalf of an American insurance company, including their top management and top-achieving insurance brokers.

To accommodate the 680 delegates, 124 aircrafts were used, a total of 36 lodges spread over 11 concessions were contracted, using 124 open-air safari vehicles for a total of 844 game drives. In Johannesburg and Cape Town, they used a total of 5,440 room nights, hired a total of 235 large and small motor coaches, employed 202 tour guides, 33 staff members, and 3 photographers – all working tirelessly to successfully coordinate and record the whole event.”

Madison’s client commented, “It was the most remarkable and successful incentive reward program in our history – and we have been doing this for many, many years. It was exciting, diverse and well organized. We moved around touring the wonderful country in a seamless manner. None of our top achievers will ever forget this trip”.

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