Madison Performance Group Offers Hr Decision Makers Guidance on Impact Of Saas Vs. Custom Workforce Recognition Solutions

Performance Perspective Addressing Misperceptions of Technologies Powering Recognition Available at Madison Booth #1019 at HR Technology Conference & Expo

New York, NY. September 30, 2012 — With the evolution of web-based and cloud technologies, Madison Performance Group, a global web-based workforce recognition and employee incentives solution provider, has published a new Performance Perspective outlining the practical differences among workforce recognition technologies, titled “SaaS vs. Customized Recognition Solutions: Which Is Right for Your Organization?” Madison, an exhibitor at the upcoming HR Technology Conference & Exposition, will make the paper available at the event, which takes place Oct. 8-10 in Chicago.

The Performance Perspective addresses the functional variations between the two software delivery options including data exchange, rules adjudication and cost as well as clarifying common misperceptions.

“While SaaS solutions are most notably known for a lower total cost of ownership and less IT burden, today’s custom solutions offer these same benefits thanks to advances in web and cloudbased technologies. HR leaders looking at recognition solutions should look deeper at the value of each delivery model,” said Mike Ryan, Madison Performance Group’s senior vice president of marketing and strategy. “Customized solutions are better suited for larger organizations (often more than 5,000 employees) as they can better integrate with HRIS nuances and the reporting hierarchies of complex operating environments.”

As the workforce recognition solution delivery model impacts recognition goals across key stakeholders, Madison representatives will be available to discuss the points to consider when determining which is the best fit for the organization at the HR Technology Conference in Booth #1019.

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