Educated Users Are Engaged Users


Unlock the power of your program with comprehensive training for stakeholders, managers and participants. At Madison, we understand exactly how an educated user becomes an engaged user. We provide targeted training to your specific audiences through online modules, webinars and eLearning. These options are flexible and designed to suit different learning styles, paces and preferences.


Training for stakeholders centers on the administrative functions of Maestro with a heavy focus on reporting, including standard, ad-hoc and custom reports.

Manager training focuses on the fundamentals: the importance of recognition, and what it can provide for an organization. This level of training also reviews the basics of how to properly recognize employees.

In the participant level of training, each individual will receive and establish a thorough understanding of how to navigate Maestro and participate in the corporate reward and recognition effort.

Download Mike Ryan’s Performance Perspective, Using Rewards and Recognition to Improve the impact of Training