Culturally Relevant, Universally Effective


Our global storefront is a proprietary catalog solution ideal for global companies with employees, sales and channel partners located worldwide. Our worldwide in-country partner network localizes selection and fulfillment, minimizes shipping costs and eliminates delays, allowing us to serve even the largest and most geographically diverse organizations.

At Madison, global sourcing is a continuous process. Madison is “reward neutral,” offering rewards that work best for your audience.

maestro-global rewards

Our storefront automatically displays the following based on the participant and country of record:

  • Awards – Merchandise and gift card selections sourced with local vendor partners for in-country fulfillment. Awards are relevant to country and local culture.
  • Points – Our flexible points system ensures that all items offered in our in-country storefront are either:
    • Issued in the local currency and that all items offered are at a fair value as compared to retailers in the country and the local cost of living.
  • Cost of Living Index – Our storefront provides a cost of living solution that adjusts the point value of rewards based on the cost of living of each country in order to offer equitable awards to your audience.
  • Language – All our in-country catalogs are available in the local language as well as English.
  • Shipping – All rewards offered in our storefront are locally sourced and shipped, avoiding lengthy customs processes while saving the expense of customs and duty fees.