Recognizing your direct reports and others in your organization lets them know their contributions are key to the company’s success and that management is taking note and appreciates them–two powerful motivators for future enhanced performance. Every employee’s motivational needs are different, and Maestro’s discretionary awards function promotes an engagement experience that’s personal and immediate.

A manager’s behavior toward the allocation and type of recognition can be measured and managed according to corporate goals. Managers who give recognition demonstrate certain traits and qualities such as leadership, and exhibit a vision for success. Acknowledging and building talent are crucial responsibilities of a manager, and Maestro helps them fulfill this role.

67percentOn-The-Spot Awards According to McKinsey, 67% of all employees rated praise and commendation from managers as the top motivator for performance. Maestro’s On-The-Spot Awards feature takes this one step further, providing in-the-moment recognition which research shows has greater impact on an employee’s level of engagement. In fact, Quantum Workplace’s 2014 Recognition Trends Report revealed there’s a direct correlation between the timeliness and frequency of recognition and its impact on engagement.

2x-iconFacts Employees are more than twice as likely to be engaged when their managers recognize their talents and acknowledge how they use those unique skills to contribute to the organization’s success.

80percentOn The Flip Side According to findings published by WorldatWork, if an employee is dissatisfied with their immediate supervisor, there is an 80% chance they will become indifferent or actively disengage in their jobs. Having a supportive manager is a key component to a long-term employee/employer relationship.

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