Empower and motivate your employees by giving them the platform to contribute improvement ideas and suggestions. Idea generation programs involve and engage employees in a more meaningful and expansive way by inviting them to contribute to the future course of the company.

Often those closest to a job are uniquely positioned to recommend ideas that solve business issues related to a specific department, improve efficiency or reduce costs. Other common benefits of idea generation programs include:

  • Driving innovation
  • Increased productivity
  • Promoting individual and/or team contributions

Idea generation programs present an impactful opportunity for organizations to communicate their commitment to their employees, while at the same time improving business operations. The effects are far reaching: one suggestion can improve how employees work, change how a business is run, and ultimately elevate the customer’s experience with the brand.

With the right social recognition technology in place, your idea generation program can work seamlessly following a process that works for your business, such as submittal, evaluation, acceptance or rejection, followed by rewarding or recognizing the employee submitting the idea based on the established criteria.

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