Madison Performance Group

Workforce Recognition

To the field of recognition, Madison brings foresight and knowledge, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to building capabilities that deliver real impact.

We know from decades of collaboration with customers that employees who are emotionally and intellectually committed are predisposed to thinking more innovatively, are more open to sharing ideas, are more receptive to owning outcomes and are more gratified by satisfying customers.

Madison’s long-term relationships with Fortune 1000 clients, and hundreds of thousands of their employees, have given us the ability to interpret the attributes and capabilities that are the foundation of employee engagement initiatives, whether these programs are based on observed high performance or metrics.

Our customized Reward and Recognition platforms are crucial for achieving key objectives such as:

  • Mobilizing local management’s role as coaches and advisors
  • Aligning individual behavior with corporate culture and objectives
  • Generating a cooperative and appreciative culture that drives productivity and innovation
  • Increasing employee engagement through personalizing goals, offerings and communications