Madison Performance Group

Sales Incentive Marketing

We see it every day: smart sales leaders never miss an opportunity to seize market share. However, in ever-faster changing markets, it can be difficult to effectively mobilize and align a virtual sales force in a timely manner. Companies need the right sales incentive programs to focus their direct sales teams and distribution channels on outcomes and reward behaviors that are critical to business success.

Over several decades, Madison has been on the industry forefront, working with national and multi-national customers in key industries. We’ve designed incentive applications and implemented processes that have positively impacted selling behaviors in ways that compensation alone simply can’t deliver.

If you’re focused strictly on metrics, you might be missing the mark.

At Madison, we firmly believe that sales incentive programs are successful, and can even be game-changing, if they:

  • Balance results and behavior
  • Are designed around clear business objectives that are unequivocally communicated
  • Focus the ongoing attention of corporate stakeholders
  • Closely monitor all results
  • Fine-tune program details when competitive circumstances call for
  • Reinforce the objectives throughout the program life cycle

In an environment where customers expect more, Madison makes the difference. We work hard to understand your organization, where it is headed and what you need to get there. We have the knowledge and experience to help you, every step of the way. Our flexible, customized Sales Incentive marketing programs ensure that your company will meet and exceed measurable goals in areas such as:

  • Growth and specific sales objectives
  • Opening new channels
  • Awarding efforts in expanding sales territories
  • Launching new products
  • Sales building promotions