Madison Performance Group

How We Get It Done

A Unique & Consultative Approach

At Madison, we blend several core competencies and an entrenched business philosophy into the singular effort of designing, deploying and administrating global workforce engagement or sales incentive programs.
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Program Design & Deployment

This is an ever-evolving, cross-disciplinary process in which all of Madison’s capabilities are harnessed for interaction.
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Global Localization

Madison can be your sole source for designing and managing global programs that recognize your employees or motivate your sales partners, worldwide. We provide these services to numerous global organizations and are ready to put our expertise to work.
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Global Rewards

Our worldwide in-country partner network localizes selection and fulfillment, minimizes shipping costs and eliminates delays, allowing us to serve even the largest and most geographically diverse organizations. Our global storefront is a proprietary catalog solution that is ideal for global companies with employees and channel partners located worldwide.
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Group Travel, Meetings and Events

Madison’s travel division is the industry’s premier travel service provider. Our Group Recognition and Individual Concierge travel services are coveted evergreens in the spectrum of recognition and incentive awards.
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Advanced reporting & analysis

Superior reporting leads to better accountability, greater insight and improved decision-making. Madison recognizes that data must be available in real-time to yield the type of information that results in an actionable business advantage.
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