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At Madison, we guide desirable change of human behavior and elevate the performance of individuals responsible for a company’s ultimate success – employees, sales and channel partners. That was our mission 40 years ago, and as today’s global leader in Social Recognition we continue to actively collaborate with our clients to deliver results through measurable breakthroughs in higher performance.

In 1974, visionary founder Werner Haase established a clear, timeless path for Madison’s guiding principles: be an adaptable, innovative and service oriented company that provides the most leading edge technologies and methodologies.

It was early on that he recognized the potential of merging technology with business trends, and the industry took note, following in the footsteps of a series of Madison’s groundbreaking “firsts” within the recognition and incentives space.

In 1995, Madison launched the first Internet-based sales contest, which was followed a few years later by the first consolidated recognition web portal application. Today, that technology has evolved into Maestro, the most configurable and flexible Social Recognition platform available today, which has, again, dramatically changed the landscape of the industry.