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The “Best Companies” Recognize Workers

When Fortune Magazine comes out with its 100 Best Companies to Work For I always take notice. Companies—like the ones on this list—that have built an environment where employees thrive—have a considerable competitive advantage.

These businesses have created working ecosystems where employees are more likely to be engaged; where they are highly accountable to customers and to each other and where they collaborate freely and innovate regularly.

Their workers are more likely to be connected to what they do and where they do it—and to whom they do it for. These businesses are the envy of their rivals. It’s no wonder they outperform across every conceivable business metric.

And as the economy begins to heat up again they will have one more advantage. They will be more appealing to top performers and that will pay dividends as hiring ramps up again.

The top twenty five companies on this list have over 58,000 job vacancies they plan to fill. All told the businesses acknowledged by Fortune—for their progressive people practices among other things—will be looking to add 65,000 new hires to their ranks; top talent who will help them grow and prosper in the coming years. And that means they may very well be coming after your best and brightest in the weeks and months to come.

That should make other executives lose sleep. Top producers hold the keys to customer relationships, they understand the unique “ins and outs” of their businesses and they possess valuable industry “know-how”. Companies concerned about losing them would be wise to start recognizing their accomplishments right now!

Not every company can be one of the best to work for. But if you show employees that you appreciate their efforts—and you do so often enough—you will be well on your way.

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